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Comparison of Heat Output from Wood Fuels

Wood Needed to Throw Out 1,000,000 BTU Home fire Prest Logs Alder
Firelogs or Wood Species Home Fire
Prest Logs
Hickory Oak Maple Alder Pine
Volume to Produce 1,000,000 BTU's (yd³) 0.0730 0.1815 0.2299 0.2454 0.3130 0.3467
Specific Gravity 1.28 0.64 0.60 0.56 0.44 0.36
Density (lbs/yd³) 1687 801 751 701 552 451
BTU/lb 8,126 6,894 5,802 5,824 5,800 6,407
Efficiency 94% 80% 67% 68% 67% 74%
Weight to produce 1,000,000 BTU's (lbs) 123.08 145.35 172.69 172.05 172.78 156.39
Weight of One Full Cord (lbs) 8000.49 3799.45 3561.57 3323.47 2617.98 2142.01


Specific Gravity is based on weight when ovendry and volume at 12% moisture content. Water has a specific gravity of 1. Anything value lower than one floats, any value over 1 sinks in water.

Density is computed at the specific gravity indicated and at 12% moisture content.

BTU/LB is the amount of energy or heat released from one pound of wood.

Efficiency is expressed as a percentage of ovendry wood equal to 8,618 BTU/lbs.

Home Fire Prest Logs efficiency are calculated at 12% moisture content. Although manufactured from stock containing 10% moisture or less, the logs will absorb some moisture under normal storage conditions. Burning efficiency is considered 96%/± 2%. The most conservative rating was used in this comparison. Cordwood species are considered at 20% moisture content, since this is the average moisture contained in "air-dried" cordwood. Air-dried wood is defined as having been exposed to air in a yard or shed, without artificial heat. It has 20% moisture in terms of ovendry weight, or 16.7% in terms of total air-dry weight.

Cord Weight - Although Home Fire Prest Logs aren't sold by the cord, it is interesting to compare the weight with standard species. A cord measures 1.3342 X 1.3342 X 2.6684 yards and is a dimensional measure. A better standard would be weight since it is the only uniform measurement. As one can readily observe from the figures and the drawing above, heat values correlate more consistently with weight than with cube measurements.

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